Lithium Polymer, also called Li-Po signifies a benchmark in LiPo battery manufacturer technological know-how that makes them lighter, smaller, but in the exact time additional highly effective. Their electricity to excess weight ratio increased significantly from their predecessors. This battery technological know-how took top roles in propelling electric RC helicopters to its latest fame. Yet, you are going to operate into Li-Po batteries in every single elements of RC.

As with all functionality resources, correct handling of Li-Po batteries is necessary in an effort to be sure that they previous provided that doable and remain powerful. As a consequence of this, it is actually critical to comprehend the acronyms which have been linked with it. Nevertheless they appear bewildering, when you can get a grip on knowledge them, Li-Po batteries aren’t difficult whatsoever. This informative article aims to deliver you with meanings of individuals little letters and descriptions that come over the battery packages.

Quantity of Cells (S):

This signifies the quantity of person battery packs. More often than not, the volume of cells are replaced while using the letter (S). As an example, a battery pack labeled with 4S implies which the battery pack includes 4 cells. Generally, the more the quantity of cells, the greater potent as well as the extended long lasting the battery pack will be. Also, being aware of the number of cells is amazingly very important when charging the battery given that the proper variety of cell have to be accurately picked on all types of chargers.

Battery Voltage (V):

This can be the total electrical potential of your battery pack. You can find two strategies to figure out the voltage of a battery pack. The primary technique would be to get the quantity of cells during the pack and multiply it because of the voltage of each cell. The next plus more hassle-free strategy would be to glance in the packaging that may specify the overall voltage suitable off the bat.


This stands for Milliamp Hours, that is essentially a device employed in measuring electrical ability over time. Probably the best method to comprehend mAh is always to just believe that the upper the mAh, the longer the battery can electricity a tool. Also, devices that have to have more energy will require batteries with much more mAh scores. By way of example, a battery pack rated at 2200 mAh can energy a device that pulls one hundred milliamps (mA) for 22 hrs.

Capability Level (C):

The C-Rate will be the measurement with the cost and discharge present of a battery. One of the simplest ways to understand this rating should be to just take in account that the majority of batteries are rated at 1C. At this rate, a 1000 mAh battery would offer 1000 mA of electricity for one particular hour. Even so, should the exact same battery is rated at .5C, then the battery would supply 500 mA of electric power for 2 several hours. Over the flipside, in the event the very same battery is rated at 2C, it could prvide 2000 mA of ability for half an hour.

The data higher than is essentially all you have to effectively understand the label with a Li-Po battery. Now, whenever you see something like – 3 S, 11.1 volt, 2200 mAh, twelve C – you may know precisely what they indicate.